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As a young woman, my focus was to develop my budding skills in the world of art, as well as learn effective advertising strategies. My four years in the Visual and Performing Art School and the S.I. Newhouse Communication School at Syracuse University gave me the opportunity to master those skills. I am an “idea” girl with a keen eye for design. 


With the educational foundation in design, my career options included fashion design, graphic design, advertising design and interior design. My early career was spent in advertising design. I cut my teeth at Filene’s advertising department, eventually becoming a retail advertising art director at J.Jill Company.


As I started a family, I decided to leave the corporate world to go into business for myself.  While my two children were young I created a children’s clothing business called PattyCakes, sourcing unique materials from around the world. It was during that period that I started to involve myself in interior design, as my clothing customers would ask for help after coming to my home based business. Eventually, I realized that my design passion needed to be pursued as a full time career.


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