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A Simple Plan:

This is another option to improve your space. Sometimes you may just want working plan to implement on your own time when your budget allows. For a flat fee, I will come to your home to review your needs, take pictures and measurements, and access the scope of the work involved to achieve your “look”. Within a few weeks, I will send you a proposal with paint, fabric and furniture suggestions for you to use as you source your own products. I will provide you with a checklist to use as you work through the project. $2,000

The "Room Lift"


With a "Room Lift" I will rearrange furniture for a better flow, move pictures, re-accessorize and reorganize book cases. I work with what you have in the room or outlying areas. I will not address your color scheme or decorating style, nor will I recommend fabrics, paints and furniture, but am happy to give suggestions on how to move forward.
2 hours. $600

Paint By Number


Choosing the right interior paint color is often tricky. I offer a “Paint by Number” service that will specify a series of colors to give your home color flow. After a visit, I will review your palette and give you a list of colors to use in each room for the look you are trying to achieve. 3-5 rooms $400 

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